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Effective investment governance is a critical performance driver for a pension scheme in meeting strategic objectives. Problems like a poor understanding, slow decision making and delays, lack of timely advice, unclear roles or insufficient resource are common and can prove expensive for a scheme and its employer, with investment risks poorly managed and opportunities missed. Increasing regulatory duties, reporting and expectations, the impact of ESG and climate risks add to complexity in discharging the Trustee’s obligations.

Investment governance

Agreeing ways to future proof your investment governance so as to ‘move the dial’ on progressing scheme objectives is usually the focus of our work: reviewing arrangements, helping you solve problems, getting buy-in to agree changes and an implementation plan.

Selecting a Provider

We help you review governance options, from a classic investment adviser model through to full fiduciary management. We support you in reviewing/ selecting who to work with. We have no skin in this game - our independence is an asset to you in navigating the way.

Muse helped us to agree a future investment governance model appropriate for our organisation. They have deep knowledge of the advisory and fiduciary management market and we were impressed with how well they listened to all views, helped us consider all the options and, importantly, obtain buy in from all key stakeholders.
Chair of Trustees, Reed Elsevier Pension Trustee Limited

Barry Mack

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