Muse heads March 193

Ellie Rowe


A bit about me

I love music and spend most of my time playing the piano or listening to musicals on repeat! I also enjoy walking my dog with my family and playing frisbee. If I have any free time left, it is generally taken up with reading, watching films or going out for dinner with friends.


Since joining Muse in September 2018, I have supported our project teams and consultants across the range of the services Muse provides. My main role is to coordinate our work with clients, making sure we deliver good quality, timely services. A lot of my time is spent managing our Trustee Executive team for a large Trustee client, ensuring that our team are providing effective support, organising the advisory teams and helping the Trustee Board deliver on their strategy.

I am a graduate in Mathematics, which has given me experience of solving complex problems with logic and creative thinking that I now apply to the challenges our clients face.

I also have good experience working with customers through my previous roles including an internship at a relationship bank. This helps me to build relationships with our clients and understand their needs.

Qualifications & Industry links

  • Currently studying towards the Advanced Diploma in Retirement Provision (APMI)