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Adrian Cooper

Head of Market Engagement

A bit about me

I am a keen student of business and current affairs whilst providing as much guidance to our two 20-something children they allow. Spare time activities include being a keen sports fan and playing football for a local veterans side, post-match sausage and chips softening any blows. I am particularly proud of training for and achieving two sub-3 hour marathons in recent years. Periodically my knees are rested in favour of bouts of cycling: fellow cyclists will agree that nothing beats heading up - and down - an Alpine climb.


I work with members of the Muse team to ensure that pensions and benefits professionals, for example Pension and Benefits Managers, Trustees, EBCs and other Advisers, understand how Muse can help them achieve better outcomes for pension scheme members through its unique set of services, with independence at its heart.

My career has been focused on the Financial Services and Pensions sector. I have had the good fortune to work with top-tier organisations including Just Group, Barnet Waddingham, WTW and Sackers. This has given me a well-rounded understanding of the DB and DC space and a valuable network of contacts.

I have enjoyed being Chair of the Central London Group PLSA Committee for a number of years and am a regular judge of industry awards.

Qualifications & Industry links

  • Chair of PLSA Central London Group
  • Regular judge at industry awards including IPE Annual Awards