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Musings | 3 Jul 2023

Are you planning for your endgame? If so, you might want to put your scheme governance under the microscope…

Almost every day brings another announcement in the pensions press where a pension scheme has insured some, or all, of its benefits. There are quotes about the effort that has gone into securing the deal, along with a long list of advisers involved in making it happen. Whilst it’s not talked about in the laudatory and congratulatory press releases, governance is key to making sure that a pension scheme is successful in achieving its endgame.

Musings | 3 Jul 2023

Why do trustee boards use outsourced pension management?

Has the role of pensions managers become a last man standing role? With DB schemes heading into decline, but regulatory requirements increasing, how can trustee boards deliver robust and compliant pensions management? Here are some of the key benefits of having outsourced pensions management.

Musings | 3 Jul 2023

Blinded by the lights: How Trustee Boards keep pension schemes efficient and secure is changing, but some things never change

As cyber steals the headlines on pensions admin, how can trustee boards balance the urgent issues with the important to make sure they’re getting the best possible value and service from their third party administrator? See our thoughts on key areas for consideration to help maintain focus.

Antonella sferrino

Antonella Sferrino

Muse heads March 560 Edit

Daniel Jacobson

Senior Consultant
Muse heads March 56

Ian McQuade

Muse heads March 545

Steve Hammer

Trustee Secretary
Muse heads March 294

Kneale Jefferis

Anne kershaw

Anne Kershaw

Associate Director
Muse heads March 182

Amanda Cullen

Muse heads March 622

Reece Eley

Muse heads March 442

Tammy King

Head of People
Rosanne Corbett

Rosanne Corbett

Client Director
Muse heads March 400 Edit

Stacy O’Sullivan

Senior Consultant
Muse heads March 591

Liza Sinclair

Senior Consultant
Muse heads March 193

Ellie Rowe

Muse heads March 219

Danuta Nott

Business Support Manager
Muse heads March 390

Barry Mack

Muse heads March 424 Edit

Jo Fellowes

Client Director
Muse heads March 264

Emma Rogers

Senior Consultant

Claire Wallis

Muse heads March 13

Margs Harvey

Business Administrator
Muse heads March 105

Hana Bailey

Senior Consultant
Mark dallaway

Mark Dallaway

Senior Associate
Muse heads March 27

Alan Simpson

Financial Controller
Muse heads March 579 Edit

Geoff Francis

Senior Consultant
Muse heads March 475

Robert Plumb

Senior Associate
HD 1

Hamida Dadd

Muse heads March 234

Aliza Bashir

Muse heads March 609

Cindy Dadier

Business Manager
Muse heads March 463

Emma Beard

Senior Consultant
Muse heads March 316 Edit

Lindsay Hawkins


Evalinde Eelens

Muse heads March 277

Tom Oakley

Muse heads March 518

Pamjit Virdi



Muse’s support was invaluable in making sure we were still able to drive forward our projects, Trustee agenda and actions during the absence of a key team member on maternity leave. It was a pleasure to work with the Muse team and we valued their wider market knowledge, willingness to challenge and independent viewpoint. Because we had worked with Muse before we ‘hit the ground running’ and Muse quickly became part of the team.
Pension Strategy Manager, CYBG plc
Muse bring a helpful and experienced objectivity to projects which helps guide the Trustee Board through some important decision making with pace.
Former Head of Marks & Spencer Pension Trust, Marks & Spencer Pension Trust Limited
Muse facilitated the setting of our strategic goals, both financial and operational, working with all our advisers and providers so that the objectives were fully integrated, not only in respect of IRM but also with regard to data, administration, member communication and governance. Their independence meant that the advisers were open and transparent in their thinking. The momentum they helped us achieve means that we are on course to provide good outcomes for our members. It also gives us a helpful framework to refresh regularly, to check that we remain on track.
Independent Trustee, Xerox Final Salary Pension Scheme

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