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Katherine Milton

Senior Consultant

A bit about me

When I am not working or spending time with my family, I will be found Scouting, reading, or puzzling! I am the Scout Leader at a local group, and I love it because we spend as much time as possible outside, teaching and challenging the Scouts to be the best they can be – which drives me to be the best I can be too. I am particularly fond of the camping and hiking aspects, but I also enjoy the climbing, pioneering, and shooting. I read a lot – often history and murder mysteries (and historical murder mysteries), and I do love a good jigsaw puzzle. There is something very satisfying about making order from chaos!


I have more than 25 years’ experience from the grassroots up of pensions administration and operations, administration management, consultancy, project management, Trustee secretariat, and pension scheme management, gained with both third-party providers and in-house.

Most recently I was the Scheme Manager of the Fidelity Master Trust, supporting the trustee board and ensuring they had what they needed when they needed it to make good and efficient decisions. I had a focus on governance and ongoing compliance with the Supervisory regime, and the relationship with TPR. I also supported Fidelity’s Independent Governance Committee in their oversight role for contract schemes and their compliance with the FCA’s COBS.

Prior to that I was Head of Pension Operations at Fujitsu, managing the DB administration, pensions specialist (consultancy), pensions systems, and pensions accounting teams, whilst also managing external service providers to the pension department, leading on large scale projects, and performing trustee secretarial duties for two trustee boards and one subcommittee.

I believe in building and being part of strong teams that pull together so that members, trustees, and employers get the best possible retirement outcomes.

Qualifications & Industry links

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