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Cindy Dadier

Business Manager

A bit about me

This may not be fun for some, but I have recently joined a very enthusiastic church planting team and we are establishing a new and a very diverse community in the heart of London. Not that London needs more diversity, but it definitely needs more diverse churches. I enjoy long walks, during which I am usually accompanied by our four-legged Cockapoo called Alfie, and when not going baking mad, you could also spot me in the deep forests of the UK or the Czech Republic, testing my Mycology knowledge. I am definitely more of a bolete than a stinkhorn kind of girl. And yes, they are all edible, but some of them only once!


As a Business Manager, I specialise in project co-ordination, whilst developing and implementing procedures to improve business operations. My love of tick lists and flow charts comes in handy!

I have over 25 years of experience working in the professional industry. In the mid-nineties I worked at PricewaterhouseCoopers before moving to the e-Business team in Mercer where I stayed for nearly ten years.

Over the many years of my career I have worked with some real characters, which required a lot of stamina and a good sense of humour! I have also used a plethora of systems and am technically savvy.