Muse heads March 294

Kneale Jefferis


A bit about me

I am a huge football fan. As a Southampton supporter I try to get down to see them play as much as possible, but can equally get distracted walking past a game in the park. I also love music and would rather leave home without my keys or wallet than my headphones. Going to gigs and festivals in my spare time is a big interest of mine.


My role as Administrator at Muse sees me assist the team with any administrative tasks, enabling them to focus more on helping clients and working on projects.
After graduating from Southampton Solent University with a degree in Sport Journalism, I found myself working in the health and safety industry as an Administrator. This helped me develop my organisational and administrative skills within a client facing industry. A recent stint working in hospitality allowed me to experience a more customer service focused environment, where I was able to develop my communication and teamwork skills.