Muse heads March 13

Margs Harvey

Business Administrator

A bit about me

For fun I like to spend my leisure time with my grown-up children and making my house into a home. I enjoy baking, decorating, gardening, sewing and sometimes try to be creative with upcycling projects. Please don’t ever ask me about “The Rothschild window saga”. I dare you.


My role at Muse is the Business Administrator and I support all the team and help run the day-to-day operations. My goal is to enable our team to focus on helping our clients. I have supported my colleagues through many projects, and I like to think I help them ‘flourish’ in their roles too.

Before joining Muse, I spent many years as a retail manager at John Lewis, and much more time in various sales and administration roles. There is nothing more satisfying than completing a project to the best possible outcome and developing my own and others’ skills along the way.

After all that time, I must add that Muse Advisory has the most talented and dedicated people I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with (and, no, they didn’t ask me to say so).