Admin in focus

It's been a busy time for pension schemes and lots of activity around the General Code. Administration is central to the General Code... our admin in focus campaign will share knowledge, insights and guidance on how to make sure your administration is working as best as possible.

The eight things we expect from our administrator

When you only have one administrator how do you know if the service you are receiving is good or bad? Part one of our admin in focus gives 8 areas to look at, examples of best practice and where Schemes' might want to look a little closer.

What does a good member experience look like?

Good administration is the key to a good member experience. And that goes beyond simply paying the right pension at the right time to the right person. So, what does a good member experience look like? Part two of our admin in focus dives into good member experience...

How do you know if your data is as good as you think it is?

Good administration and good data go together like gin and tonic. But how do you know if your data is good or bad? If you can answer yes to the six questions in part three of our admin in focus series then your data is likely to be in good shape.

Guide to managing scheme data

Data is the foundation of all pension scheme administration - from the basic BAU to strategic projects. Our data guide is bursting with info and insights for you to use with your scheme.

Data project - Case study

Want to understand more about what we do and how we do it - especially in the administration space? This case study takes a look at how we helped a scheme with data problems and capacity challenges to be able to rectify those problems in a timeframe the Trustees were comfortable with.

Unforeseen consequences of delaying GMP rectification

It's impossible to have a focus on admin and not mention GMPs! This part of our admin in focus series shines a spotlight on the risks of delaying your GMP rectification...and yes, we know without a legislative deadline many schemes still have to progress beyond the reconciliation part of their GMP project.

Working in partnership with your administrator

The best way to get results with your admin and data is to work in partnership with your administration... you're on the same side and both want to make sure the right benefit goes to the right member at the right time.

Five top tips for building a partnership with your administrator

Good administration is like a team sport - trustees and administrators working together to achieve a stronger outcome. Here's our top tips for building a partnership with your administrator.

How often should you review your advisers for good governance?

Trustees have a lot of responsibility. Having advisers and suppliers is part and parcel of the role, but how often should those advisers and suppliers be reviewed?

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