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Reflecting on the regulatory pressures facing the LGPS today

10 May 2024


Ian McQuade recently wrote in Pensions Age reflecting on the regulatory pressures facing the LGPS today. Check out what he had to say.

5 key takeaways from our ORA webinar

3 Apr 2024


If you were able to join our webinar, we hope you found some of the insights and experience shared by DHL and AIB helpful. If you weren’t able to make it, here are 5 key takeaways to consider in relation to the ORA

How often should you review your advisers for good governance?

19 Mar 2024


Trustees have a lot of responsibility. Having advisers and suppliers is part and parcel of the role, but how often should those advisers and suppliers be reviewed?

Five top tips for building a partnership with your administrator

14 Mar 2024


Good administration is like a team sport - trustees and administrators working together to achieve a stronger outcome. Here's our top tips for building a partnership with your administrator.

Working in partnership with your administrator

12 Mar 2024


The best way to get results with your admin and data is to work in partnership with your administration... you're on the same side and both want to make sure the right benefit goes to the right member at the right time.

Unforeseen consequences of delaying GMP rectification

7 Mar 2024


It's impossible to have a focus on admin and not mention GMPs! This part of our admin in focus series shines a spotlight on the risks of delaying your GMP rectification...and yes, we know without a legislative deadline many schemes still have to progress beyond the reconciliation part of their GMP project.

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Senior Consultant
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Head of People
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Antonella Sferrino

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Trustee Secretary
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Mark Dallaway

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Client Director
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Ian McQuade

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Senior Consultant
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Senior Consultant
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Head of Market Engagement
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Financial Controller
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Rosanne Corbett

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