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Getting ready for the Code - Understanding your controls and their effectiveness

8 Mar 2022


The third article in our Muse series Getting ready for the Code, is a practical look at understanding your controls and their effectiveness.

Emma Rogers

Senior Consultant

Getting value from the TPR Single Code

2 Mar 2022


With the TPR Single Modular Code expected to come into force this Autumn, check out how we can help you get value from your work on the ESOG and ORA.

Getting ready for the Code - Understanding your risks

1 Feb 2022


The second article in our Muse series Getting ready for the Code, is a practical look at how to identify and understand your risks.

Rosanne Corbett

Client Director

MNT Selection

21 Jan 2022

Case studies

We were appointed to help our client develop a pre-selection process for a single MNT vacancy on their trustee board. The candidates were always going to go to ballot, but the trustee wanted to be able to exercise some control over the skills and aptitudes of the candidates.

Transform or Transition?

6 Jan 2022

Case studies

'Administration is tricky. Errors occur. Mistakes happen. That is the nature of the beast.' This is a message that some have heard from their administrators over the years. But, what if it's not just day-to-day errors? Are there more fundamental issues? Perhaps the transition to your administrator was poor, your data may be unreliable or errors have gone undetected and have compounded.

Who is guarding the hen house?

5 Jan 2022


“Well-run schemes are those that have access to a wide range of perspectives, knowledge and skills, where everyone has equal opportunity to contribute and challenge from different perspectives.” - David Fairs, Executive Director of Regulatory Policy, Analysis and Advice at The Pensions Regulator, wrote those words in his latest blog posted just before Christmas. We whole-heartedly agree with this statement and the theme of his blog, though it is interesting to contrast this with changes happening across the pensions industry and consider which are for good, and which may actually lead to long term harm.

Rosanne Corbett

Rosanne Corbett

Client Director
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