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Governing Investments

13 Dec 2021

Case studies

A company-appointed trustee felt that the trustees were rather too passive when it came to the investment strategy. This individual trustee felt the trustee board wasn’t considering all their options and weren’t making the best use of their investment adviser. However, being a company-appointed trustee meant that there was a risk of perceived conflict and he recognised that can be just as damaging as the real thing.

Outsourcing Investments

13 Dec 2021

Case studies

Our client had an in-house investment team including provision of investment advice and some direct investment management and was on a journey towards a greater level of outsourcing. However, they didn’t know how they should approach the range of options for outsourcing, while pursuing their objective to further derisk the scheme.

Asking the Right Questions

13 Dec 2021

Case studies

Our client was reviewing their DC options, something that we increasingly see, and had decided to look at the master trust market. They wanted to reduce the costs and governance burden for the company, but ensure that members were getting good value for money. It was also important that the members could access the full flexibilities.

Broadening Horizons

13 Dec 2021

Case studies

Our client had decided to conduct a review of their scheme governance and trustee effectiveness. However, the process they went through with a competitor of ours was challenging, dispiriting and produced a quite damning verdict. Nonetheless, the trustee had worked through the recommendations and were now ready to re-assess where they were. We were appointed because we were able to demonstrate an awareness of the sensitivities inherent in any such exercise: the need to balance competing interests, understand different views and personalities, and to create an open, supportive and collaborative exchange of opinions and views.

Reviewing Full Services

13 Dec 2021

Case studies

Our client had been with their full services provider for over 15 years and enjoyed, on the whole, a good relationship. However, more recently some strains had started to appear and frustrations were building. That is why we were appointed: to bring the Trustee up to speed with the latest offerings and find a provider that would bring fresh views and work well with the trustee.

DC Processes and SLAs

13 Dec 2021

Case studies

Our client was implementing a new DC platform provider. The existing DB administration remained in-house. The new provider had proposed their standard SLAs, and the client wanted to ensure they were fit for purpose and in-line with good practice. We were appointed to use our experience and expertise to assess the SLAs and DC processes.

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Trustee Secretary
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Client Director
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Business Administrator
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Senior Consultant
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Rosanne Corbett

Client Director
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Business Support Manager
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Head of People
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Senior Consultant
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Business Manager
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Client Director

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