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Don’t let the urgent crowd out the important - Administration

7 May 2020


There has been a lot of material about the urgent administration issues that Covid-19 has thrown up, for example pensioner payroll, cashflow and death claims. Is It now time to start thinking about the important as much as the urgent?

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Covid-19 – scheme governance risks to tie down

16 Mar 2020


In light of how fast Covid-19 is moving, here are some practical points for pension teams and trustees to consider in their planning, as business will be disrupted.

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Ellie Rowe


Levelling up – is it doable?

14 Feb 2020


Following the government’s HS2 announcement you could say levelling up is also what TPR is doing on trusteeship and governance. TPR wants to see proof of good and proportionate governance, in a landscape with fewer schemes. Trustees will have to show they’re up to the job. They may need to exit if they can’t get up to speed.

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Julia Land

Senior Adviser

TPR Guidance on Tendering for Fiduciary Management Services

8 Jan 2020


The Pensions Regulator (TPR) has released its long-awaited guidance setting out approaches to comply with trustees’ duties to competitively tender fiduciary management appointments. We have collated our views on the guidance and shared our thoughts here.

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Barry Mack


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